Our assortment includes individual precious jewellery as well as various collections. If you do not find the perfect piece among our collections, it can be custom-made for you. The first step in creating a custom-made piece of jewellery is making an appointment with us. This is part of our high-class customer service, combing our preliminary work with your particular wishes to create an exquisite piece. During our first meeting, we start designing the piece of jewellery and plan the process of crafting it. After this, there is time to get acquainted with our sketches and different precious stones, if needed. You can also try on the jewellery before the finishing touches that bring the piece to perfection.

The process of making a piece of jewellery from the first meeting to handing over the finished product may span a couple of weeks or several months. All of Kultaseppä Kulmala’s jewellery is hand-made by the goldsmiths in our own workshop.