All prices in our online store include the standard Finnish rate of VAT, which is 24%. If the customer lives outside the EU, the taxes and duties levied by the country in question will apply. Kultaseppä Kulmala will not be liable for any costs or delays caused by customs handling.

Every item of Kultaseppä Kulmala jewellery sold is accompanied by a certificate of value, which also contains an exact description of the item. The value certificate and certificates should be retained by the customer, as they may need them for insurance purposes, among other things.

All our jewellery is hand made in Helsinki, and every item is designed by master goldsmith Pekka Kulmala.  Pekka Kulmala signs each item of Kultaseppä Kulmala jewellery with the registered name stamp ‘PAK’. Our jewellery is stamped in accordance with Finnish precious metal stamping legislation, according to which the artefact containing precious metals must bear the manufacturer’s name stamp and a stamp indicating the proportion of the precious metal contained in the item.