Kultaseppä Kulmala creates jewellery of the highest standard with the utmost professionalism. Every item is designed to last for generations. To ensure that Kultaseppä Kulmala jewellery retains its beauty, there are some everyday activities for which the item should be removed. The jewellery should not be worn in the sauna or gym, for example. We also recommend storing and transporting jewellery in such a way that it will retain its beauty and value for future generations also. 

The lifetime of jewellery can be extended by having it maintained at appropriate intervals. We are happy to provide this service so that every item of jewellery we sell retains its splendour for as long as possible. At home, jewellery can be cleaned gently using a soft toothbrush and warm water with a small amount of dishwashing detergent added to it. However, jewellery containing pearls requires even gentler handling, and chemicals should not be used. If you are hesitant to clean or make adjustments to your jewellery yourself, we highly recommend consulting an experienced professional.

If a defect occurs in any Kultaseppä Kulmala jewellery that is due to manufacturing errors, we will repair it at no cost to the customer. We deal with all complaints case-specifically with the customer.


In case of complaints, please contact our customer service as soon as possible: . We make every effort to guarantee first-class jewellery and customer service. In the event of a dispute, Kultaseppä Kulmala will always endeavour to settle the matter with the customer directly. Failing this, the matter will be settled in accordance with Finnish law at the District Court of Helsinki.