An amulet made of Finnish panned gold from Lapland.

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Gold and precious stones are treasures that have been created and shaped by the planet itself, and have been used throughout the ages as amulets for good luck, repositories of memories and to convey emotions. Kultaseppä Kulmala’s Kirnu (a giant’s kettle) amulet illustrates the power that a small stone can have to shape a rock and leave a soft and beautiful mark. Precious materials found in the Finnish soil have been used in the jewellery, with the utmost respect for nature. The gold in the amulet comes from Finnish Lapland, from gold panned by small-scale producers. The amethyst embedded in gold comes from the fell of Luosto.

18-karat Finnish Lapland panned gold

18-karat recycled gold chain (45 cm)

Amethyst from Luosto, Finnish Lapland